Dr. Roufaiel

Dr. Roufaiel

Minimally-Invasive Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Fusion

It is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure which targets your sacroiliac joint that is located near your lower back and buttocks. During the procedure, Dr. Roufaiel uses specialized tools to place one small bone allograft into the joint space to stabilize the joint.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the sacrioiliac (SI) joint is located in the lower back and buttocks region. It is formed between two bones of the pelvis called the sacrum and ilium. The sacrum supports the spine and the ilium forms the hip bones. You have two SI joints, one of the left and the other on the right. It is an essential shock absorber between the legs and torso.

Dr. Roufaiel will place a single bone allograft into your SI joint. This allograft will help create an ideal environment for long term fusion of your SI joint to regain joint stability.

Procedure times vary depending on the degree of dysfunction of the SI joint. Nonetheless, this is typically a same day outpatient procedure.

Each patient along with their Dr. Roufaiel will determine appropriate recovery time and activities. Most patients that have undergone the procedure have been able to resume regular activities within a couple of weeks after the procedure.

Minimally invasive SI joint fusion provides clinically significant improvement in pain scores and disability in most patients, across multiple studies and implant manufacturers (International Journal of Spine Surgery, Feb. 2020).

This is a procedure and therefore is not regulated by the FDA. However, several device systems have been cleared for use by the FDA.

Research suggests that 30% of people with low back pain can attribute the source to the SI joint. If you have low back pain, then contact us to have Dr. Roufaiel evaluate if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

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